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I enjoy securing my five-point harness for Mr. Mooney's submissions, where we careen down disparate roads of histories and personalities that converge like stock cars in a plaza of reconciliation.

We here in Canada seem to be like the good Germans of a century ago, tucking our heads into our shoulders, putting in our earbuds and praying to hold on to our membership cards to the middling class.

I almost wish we had capacity to protest and resist anything on this side of the pond, with at least as much energy as the only ones collecting – the flag-wavers celebrating their ignorance like drunken frat boys, once again coming out of the beer halls.

We are so quick to convene the Coalitions of the Willing when it comes to war. How about a mass buying group, a Green Coalition, that is willing instead to forego just a little of its ultimate ability to consume in order to buy only from member countries who prove – not talk about and wring their hands over – a tangible program to improving the health of the planet. Start with the easiest to measure: fossil fuel consumption per capita, etc.

We don’t need to jump out of planes with daggers in our teeth as did our forbearers to meet the challenge of a global threat, just accept that through the embargo of non-compliant countries, our consumer goods might get just that little bit more expensive.

That is the big sacrifice asked of us today - in not a War on Pollution, just a Mild Inconvenience on Ecological Destruction.

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Great writing and éducation. My mother began telling folk to stop idling 30 years ago. And Paso is the way to go. I do like to burn wood in my chimney, but do not do it often. Ambiant moments for spécial occasions.

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"Ignorance or denial of the presence of disease." Sounds very close to cognitive dissonance. I'm just a layman but such conditions have always interested me - the irrational potholes that otherwise rational people fall into. Fear, it seems is at the root of such behavior. A wise man once said: Why sit in the prison when the door is wide open? Is it that some things are too terrible to face? I ask myself these same questions daily...

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